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Life Insurance

Whole Life, Term Life, Universal Life, Short Term Disability, Key Person Policy, and funding for Buy Sell Agreements; What do all these life insurance terms mean and how can they help you?

The death of a loved one is hard enough without having to worry about the cost of a funeral or even worse, the cost of maintaining your current lifestyle.  Death can be an emotional wrecking ball and without proper planning, can destroy you financially.  With the right insurance coverage, you can leave your loved ones a legacy that will provide for them long after you are gone.  Life insurance can provide for a child’s education, pay off the family home or other debts, replace your lost income, fund a buy-sell agreement, or replace a key member of your business.  Did you know that life insurance can also be used to help fund retirement income? Some Life insurance policies can provide money for the family in the event of a heart attack, stroke, cancer or other covered medical conditions.  Life insurance can do so much more than just provide a death benefit. We can show you how you can take advantage of your life Insurance benefits while you are still alive.

Call Owens Insurance today and let one of our financial professionals meet with you to review your current life insurance and provide you with an individual plan for your future and for the future of your loved ones.

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Financial Services

Do you spend more time planning your 2 week vacation than you do your 30 year retirement? Don’t feel guilty you are not alone. How do you plan for the future? Many sign up for the company 401K and buy a life insurance policy and throw it in the drawer and consider it done.

We consider what is important to you, your investment time line, your risk tolerance, and your individual goals and plans for the future. Where are you along life’s journey? Do you need to provide for the college education for your children or Grandchildren? Do you need to set aside money for retirement? How will taxes impact your future plans? Will social security be available? How expensive is Long Term Care and how will my family pay for it? How can I pass along a legacy for future generations?

Call Owens Insurance today and let one of our financial services professionals meet with you to discuss how we may be able to help you. Together, we can help protect you through retirement so you CAN spend more time on vacation.

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